We need more unemployed……politicians!

How is it that politicians can demonize the unemployed on welfare. Is it because they are such hard working, honest citizens or could it just be that they are part of ‘the elite’ that are privileged enough to never have to worry about being unemployed. We all know that when they resign from their lofty positions they are set up for life. They never have to work or worry again. You never see an ex-politician working in a McDonald’s, call center or selling cancer insurance to vulnerable women. Its easy to demonize the unemployed and talk about statistics and consistently suggest that all problems arise from the ground up. Very rarely do they walk in the shoes of those who not only cannot find work, are unable to work or those who have also collapsed mentality from the struggle of consistently trying to make their lives work for the better,  and are knocked back by a complex number of reasons – to say its just as easy as “get a job” is really a shameful oversight and being starkly hypocritical of everything the government spews forth from its venomous mouth. Sociological research which the government are so fond of using to back up their claims about the condition of British society and unemployment, trends and so forth, seems to conveniently erase these ‘complex reasons’ that prevent people from finding work. For instance, suddenly, under this current government regime, psychological factors no longer play a part. According to Cameron and his clowns, there is only one sickness according to their professional and collective prognosis – laziness! 
It has been said before, “what this country needs is more unemployed politicians”!


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