USA – Biggest Illegal settlement in history?

What gives Israel the right for its actions. The government and military (and their ‘partners’ abroad) have hidden behind the façade (farce?) of human rights for too long. It has become its unofficial constitutional right to inflict injury on others, to evict those from their homeland, to deny aid and to gradually ‘cleanse’ the land of unwanted ethnic minorities. Israel have become a law unto themselves, and untouchable with their Nazi tactics. They seem to be immune from international criticism: a satellite outpost. and have continued to be backed by their international allies for too long! We haven’t forgotten the holocaust but apparently somebody has!

What is ironic is they claim these villages to be illegal settlements. Well, Israel, in the history of settlements, surely has to be the most illegal of all settlements in the world (other than possibly the entire United States of America!), with the forced eviction of all Palestinians! The Bedouin have rights to those lands, the same way the Palestinians do, the same way ALL people do. 

Are we not all in essence, historically nomadic anyway or atleast moved from one country of origin to another (hello Anglo-Saxons of the UK formally Germanic peoples and Jutes! Hello people of Normandy, formally ‘Norsemen”, Hello , Ireland , Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, India, China, New Zealand, Australia..etc, etc).

What has been the point of globalization ideologies and programs perpetrated by governments, corporations and academics if certain races or classes of people are excluded. Perhaps, Israel is giving the game away. Perhaps Israel represents the true face of ‘human rights’ that will NOT save the world but eventually divide and destroy it by force, by threats; by a page on their arm emblazoned with the blood of history as its inherited right to ‘defend’ itself at all costs.

Israel IS the model of the future that we should all worry about when it is endorsed fully by the spirit and sympathy of historical tragedy nurtured by the people and governments of the west. embellished upon the minds of its fostering UK and US partners. “Never again!” was the cry, has ever fell on deaf ears. Maybe they’re just looking forward to erecting another museum in the future. And WHAT is a museum these days? A mausoleum of human tragedy?





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