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How do we deal with corrupt governments? Bring back The Untouchables!

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As investigations continues to uncover government endorsed illegal financial activities all around the world, and report today that the State of Ohio is putting people in jail for for not paying their debts: “[a] study revealed that 1 of 5 people in Heron County prisons were behind bars due to failing to pay pending obligations even though the practice was outlawed in 1833” (more at RT: We need a solution. What is the solution when governments continue to operate beyond the law? Do we need a new organization? I believe so. A kind of Untouchables that are immune to corruption who are willing to pursue and bring leaders and powerful figures to justice!


Cyprus – A good dose of the viral GFC (global financial corruption)

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People keep saying “what can we do?” Do I have to keep repeating myself. The government, in fact, the entire financial institution is criminal and has been consistently breaking the law throughout history. Now its so corrupt it can no longer hide, and now openly robs its citizens.

THE GOVERNMENT MUST RESIGN and be replaced by a select, and a TRULY elected committee with NO POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS to avoid corruption, deceit, fraud, mismanagement (the list goes on).
The finance minister did the first honorable and honest act of the government of the past five years.
Following this the financial institution in Cyprus should be reformed with immediate EXIT OF THE EU along and sever dependence on what has been established irrefutably as a FLAWED AND CORRUPT GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM (we have the evidence revealed daily in the news and media). We must set an example for the rest of the world to follow.
And don’t tell me we can’t do it today. Iceland did it!

Be damned anyone who keeps telling us that THE GOVERNMENT HAD NO CHOICE and the decision was the only good outcome. Keep your ignorance – many seem to ignore the numerous expert opinions and workable solutions that have been published claiming THIS WAS THE WRONG CHOICE.

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Boycott Workfare – What Cyprus can learn from the actions of UK protesters

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There is all kind of action going on around the world in opposition to government exploitation, mismanagement and corruption. Workfare, which has seen the government put in new legislation in England, which attempts to criminalize and deprive the unemployed and disabled of welfare benefits (which in effect many of them have earned the right to receive through paying national insurance and numerous different types of taxes – you can’t even die gracefully without paying an Inheritance Tax!) – and forces them to do so-called ‘volunteer work’. What it amounts to is another dirty trick by the government in the UK to get people to work for far less than a minimum wage. The same government that also imposed the new Bedroom Tax, which prevents, let’s say, someone offering a cheap room for somebody who is struggling to get by – this is now considered under this new regime, an unlawful act).
As has been witnessed, even the minority of protesters in England have the power. They have promised that if any of the charities or companies that take on this scheme which exploits the poor, and those unable to work (not forgetting that even if every job in England was filled there would still be around two million unemployed), those same organizations will be boycotted by the public, and effectively ‘shut down’. This kind of action would be even easier in Cyprus to ensure that the decisions that are made are of concern of the people, and not the soul interests of the EU, the Cypriot government, and what they think is good for the people. By joining the EU, colluding financially with the EU, and Greece over the past five years Cyprus has taken on a huge economic deficit and mounting debts, which will no doubt triple again in the next 5-8 years in the form of continued hyperinflation. Just in time for the EU or other dominant foreign power to step in and demand as payment our oil and gas reserves. This government has shown that it is incapable of leading the people and has REVOKED ITS RIGHT TO LEAD THEM!
Cyprus, like England and many countries in Europe (and this includes Trade Unions protesting in Brussels the home of the EU!), must fight even the most superficial decisions, which lead to any kind of dictatorial agendas and jeopardize so-called democracy –  a vague term whenever and wherever it has appeared as an event in history. Is it even relevant anymore and completely lost it context? I believe we need a new word, but perhaps I’ll leave this for now.
It is apparent by now if the reader has followed the events of the last five years in detail, that there is a bigger agenda. We must break that agenda, we must not be broken down piecemeal for the powers to take, and we must certainly not allow our own governments to do it. We must take action. We must SHUT IT DOWN!

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