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Calling on Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week

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I signed it and so did 400,000 others so far. Why should you sign it? To prove that those in government in lofty positions, with wealth and considerable comforts are unjustified to make the current welfare reforms that expect people to live on £53.00 per week, when they are unable to do without comforts many of us can only dream of. The welfare reforms are an indictment of the hypocrisy of government and the elite. This petition is a big part of our protest and our voice! 

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Cyprus: Rule by popular vote NOT dictactorship

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The Icelandic Solution:

“An assembly is elected to write a new constitution (based on that of Denmark) to avoid entrapment of debt based currency foreign loans. 25 citizens are chosen — with no political affiliation — out of the 522 candidates. The only qualifications for candidacy are adulthood and the support of 30 people. The constitutional assembly started in February of 2011. It continues to present ‘carta magna’ from recommendations provided by various assemblies throughout the country. Ultimately, it must be approved by both the current Parliament and the one created through the next legislative election”.
The outcome is POPULAR VOTE not a dictatorship. This should be the new model for every nation that has or is being slowly bankrupt by its government, the elite, EU commission Troika – effectively, the Bilderberg Group. These ruling parties should be held accountable for crimes of misleading nations into a false sense of financial and economic security. Of course, any institution should join them that has colluded in heinous crime of business, economic and political malpractice.

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