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How do we deal with corrupt governments? Bring back The Untouchables!

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As investigations continues to uncover government endorsed illegal financial activities all around the world, and report today that the State of Ohio is putting people in jail for for not paying their debts: “[a] study revealed that 1 of 5 people in Heron County prisons were behind bars due to failing to pay pending obligations even though the practice was outlawed in 1833” (more at RT: We need a solution. What is the solution when governments continue to operate beyond the law? Do we need a new organization? I believe so. A kind of Untouchables that are immune to corruption who are willing to pursue and bring leaders and powerful figures to justice!


Cyprus – A good dose of the viral GFC (global financial corruption)

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People keep saying “what can we do?” Do I have to keep repeating myself. The government, in fact, the entire financial institution is criminal and has been consistently breaking the law throughout history. Now its so corrupt it can no longer hide, and now openly robs its citizens.

THE GOVERNMENT MUST RESIGN and be replaced by a select, and a TRULY elected committee with NO POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS to avoid corruption, deceit, fraud, mismanagement (the list goes on).
The finance minister did the first honorable and honest act of the government of the past five years.
Following this the financial institution in Cyprus should be reformed with immediate EXIT OF THE EU along and sever dependence on what has been established irrefutably as a FLAWED AND CORRUPT GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM (we have the evidence revealed daily in the news and media). We must set an example for the rest of the world to follow.
And don’t tell me we can’t do it today. Iceland did it!

Be damned anyone who keeps telling us that THE GOVERNMENT HAD NO CHOICE and the decision was the only good outcome. Keep your ignorance – many seem to ignore the numerous expert opinions and workable solutions that have been published claiming THIS WAS THE WRONG CHOICE.

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