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Nice job if you can get it…(?)…promulgating myths and prejudices, that is.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , , , on May 14, 2013 by Paul Timms

Sometimes its a wonder if someone makes this kind of thing up just so a whole bunch of people, particularly the media can create prejudice in order to exploit and make money from it. When the hell did bisexuals suddenly become the newly chastised and abominable ‘thou shalt not speak of ‘sexuals’ of the naughties? Sorry I meant noughties. Now, apparently according to this ridiculous article, there is a ‘coming out’ process for bisexuals. The main issue is why do these people really feel the need to reveal or promote their sexuality at work as some given human rights issue: that it has become a necessity for everyone to push their sexual orientation in someone’s face? “I’d love to accept this job Mr Rogers but first you must understand I’m bisexual”. What happened to privacy and keeping it to yourself? There is no law that says you have to state your sexual preference when taking on a job is there? Am I still living on planet earth? Let’s all go shouting about our private sexual lives and preferences in the workplace, thereby forcefully creating an equal and opposite reaction, which is almost always malformed in the guise of prejudice. Then society will have to create laws to protect bisexual rights, defend bisexuals against the crude language of prejudices such as “this no place for a …em…..lover of more than one sex confusing orientated…person….thingy…..”. ┬áBut most of all, let’s just give ‘them’ a space where they can safely discuss and promote their sexuality, which of course should be anywhere, including the workplace. Its the right of a bisexual after all to tell everybody what is happening with their sex life. Let’s just off the workplace and call it the sex place and be done with it. I don’t meet someone or go somewhere for the first time and say “Hello every[body], I’m Mr Rogers, and I’m a heterosexual!”

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